by Kerri Kivolowitz


Infertility (IF) is a diagnosis that carries with it loss, isolation, guilt, doubt, depression, and surprisingly, hope; the ever-twinkling hope that this time it will be different.

Six years ago, my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family. Little did we know the journey it would become: the heartbreak and tears, the painful and invasive tests and procedures, the doctors and medical bills, and finally our own two little miracles.

I first came to RESOLVE through their local support groups and online resources, and now I volunteer with RESOLVE New England as a support group leader. It is painful to relive my own IF memories, as I support others who are still fighting in the trenches. However, it is also a joy and a gift to be able to show another human being that he/she is not alone; that actually their feelings and fears are shared and understood; and that someone is here to listen to you, without judgment, no matter how dark a place you are in.

So, why do I walk?

I walk to remember the journey that brought me my amazing family. I walk because I am proud to be an IF survivor, and, most importantly, I walk for those who are still waiting and hoping.”

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