Someone recently asked me why I’m passionate about offering Reiki to women struggling with fertility. Here is my answer: at some point, you have been poked and prodded, had your blood drawn, absorbed statistics, and spoken clinically of your sex life enough to being feeling like a robotic avatar playing the game of your life.

Though no one’s fault, it is a casualty of our medical system that this process is so dehumanizing. By contrast, Reiki uses light touch to facilitate deep healing.

For those unfamiliar with Reiki, it is a Japanese practice that reduces stress and promotes healing. In a Reiki session, the client is fully clothed on a massage table. The Reiki therapist’s hands become tools used to detect imbalance in the flow of energy. Imbalances can be caused by a number of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual sources.

The act of laying hands on the human body for emotional comfort and pain relief is instinctive. When you have a headache, your hands immediately touch your forehead or temples; when you have a stomachache, the hands find the abdomen. Human touch conveys warmth and caring.

In one powerful example, a fertility client of mine stated, “My Reiki sessions provide a warm and safe environment in which to discuss concerns and fears associated with infertility and early stages of pregnancy following infertility.  My Reiki sessions help me to feel more centered and to gain perspective on my fears and stay focused on moving forward.

In addressing fertility, Reiki:

  • cleanses the body’s energy after a miscarriage to allow space for a new pregnancy
  • optimizes the body’s reproductive function by reducing stress
  • eases fear and emotional upsets common in this difficult time

It has been incredibly meaningful to be part of many women’s journeys through fertility and, subsequently, to work with many of them in a prenatal capacity.  As my current clients work through ongoing conception challenges, I see Reiki as an opportunity to reconnect with their body. It is a place to release anxiety, let go of stress, and find a new sense of hope.

To those in the midst of struggling with fertility, remember: you have an innate maternal instinct. You know how to care for YOU – an important first step in being able to care for others. It is springtime in New England, a time to restart your self-care routine and reconnect to the very human you.

~Rebecca Davis, Wainhouse Wellness