(Waltham, MA – March 6, 2013) RESOLVE New England (RNE), the region’s infertility support, education, and advocacy organization, is pleased to announce that Unisense FertiliTech A/S has become a sponsor of RNE’s Infertility Clinic Outreach Program. This program supports our active base of New England infertility treatment clinics and their staff by providing them with information, education and tools they need to support their patients.

“Infertility clinics are often the initial and main source of information for those struggling with infertility,” noted Erin Lasker, Executive Director of RESOLVE New England. “It is crucial that RESOLVE New England support the New England clinics and infertility professionals in their efforts to provide high quality services to their patients. Since RNE is an unbiased organization, our support and educational services greatly enhance the clinics services for their patients.”

FertiliTech’s generous support allows us to continue vital services and to answer the demand for RESOLVE New England to have a stronger more consistent presence at Fertility Clinics across New England. FertiliTech’s participation clearly highlights their dedication to supporting prospective parents during every stage of their family building journey.”

Marianne Vivian, Business Unit Director FertiliTech Inc, says “The company is proud to be a sponsor of RESOLVE New England and looks forward to working towards the common goal of creating better communication between clinics and patients. We hope to be able to provide educational tools to help patients better understand some of the processes in the embryology laboratory.”

About RESOLVE New England

RESOLVE New England is a non-profit, consumer-based infertility support organization that provides compassionate and informed help to people experiencing infertility and seeking to build families. Find more information on RESOLVE New England services at www.resolvenewengland.org.

About Unisense FertiliTech A/S

Unisense FertiliTech A/S was founded in 2003 to develop technology to improve human embryo assessment in assisted reproduction and manufactures and sells state-of–the-art instrumentation notably the EmbryoScope® Time-lapse system, the EmbryoViewer® Software and related products, which are EU approved and FDA cleared for clinical use in IVF laboratories. Unisense FertiliTech A/S conforms to the requirements in DS/EN ISO 13485:2012 for production, installation and servicing of IVF incubators and related accessories. The company is involved in numerous international collaborations, and strives to improve embryo selection and workflow in the assisted reproduction laboratory. Our goal is to promote knowledge building through extensive documentation and retrospective analysis. We are dedicated to providing technology to improve IVF and to help couples to achieve their dreams of becoming parents.

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