The coronavirus pandemic is truly an unprecedented time in our lives, which is challenging on nearly every level. Emotionally, many of us feel anxious, lonely, or sad, or all of the above and more. This is why Resolve New England is so glad to continue to offer our peer support groups, just now in a virtual way.

Also, it sounds simplistic, but personally, I am finding it very helpful to find things to laugh about every day. It’s hard to find any funny at this extremely difficult time, but you can try streaming lighthearted shows, chatting or texting with friends, or even laughing at internet memes. I assure you, I can take a joke. In fact, I love it! But here’s the thing, it actually needs to be funny, and not hurtful to others.

Something unfunny? When people pretend that they are “expecting” as an April Fool’s Day joke (April 1st is this week). So, consider this a public service announcement – please do not post on social media that you are pregnant if you’re not. For individuals and couples that are struggling to grow their families, REAL pregnancy announcements can be tough enough to take. Fake ones are just plain mean. And this is particularly true right now when so many fertility treatment cycles have been put on hold in the United States because of the current crisis.

Given our current reality, I have another request. Please stop joking about how all these “coronababies” are coming in 9 months. I get it, lots of people are stuck at home with time to fill. There are also lots of people at home that cannot get pregnant this way. They need fertility treatment and other paths to parenthood, paths that are currently even more obstructed than usual. Many of them cannot even try, which it is heart wrenching, and not even a little funny.

There are plenty of other funny things to say, post, or watch. Although I would be gentle with any hi-jinks right now since people are anxious enough! Even Google has suspended their April Fool’s Day jokes.

Your loved ones who desperately want to build families will really appreciate you finding other ways to amuse!