tetkFrontcoverI recently had the opportunity to read an early copy of the memoir Two Eggs, Two Kids: An egg donor’s account of friendship, infertility & secrets (Parasol Press LLC, 2015) by Alicia Young. At two different times, Alicia donated eggs to friends that were struggling with infertility, and each experience unfolded in a very distinct way. Alicia’s is the book’s central voice (light, sometimes funny, one that feels like chatting with a friend). However, one of the egg recipients also contributes many powerful comments about infertility that I felt were important additions to the book and make it applicable to an even broader audience. Alicia also draws on her counseling background to include a checklist of questions to consider, and tips for family and friends wanting to support loved ones.


For me, the book was an enjoyable way to glimpse various perspectives related to donor conception. I believe that many different people would benefit from reading Alicia’s memoir, including but not limited to those donating eggs (or considering it) and those who have utilized donor eggs to try to conceive (or considering it). Parents who have chosen to disclose their use of donor conception will find support for their choice in this book, which shows that though there are multiple paths to family building, understanding and support are critical for everyone involved in this process.


Note: Alicia Young will be joining RESOLVE New England as an exhibitor at our 22nd Annual Fertility Treatment, Donor Choices and Adoption Conference.