coupleAndDoctorAs the Director of Operations of RESOLVE New England (RNE), I proudly manage the day-to-day functions of RNE’s twenty peer support groups throughout New England. For awhile now, RNE has been receiving emails and phone calls from individuals and couples seeking a type of peer group that we did not yet offer. They wanted support with navigating the many emotions and logistics along the donor egg family-building path. RNE already offers the Donor Egg Decision-Making Group, which is geared to people who are still undecided about which family-building method(s) they will pursue. However, for those who have already made the decision to pursue donor conception (and some who have conceived via donor egg), they needed something more. So RNE is grateful that two couples, who are long-time RNE volunteers and all donor egg parents, have come forward to lead a new monthly Donor Egg Support Group. One couple will lead each month. Like the Donor Egg Decision-Making Group, which we plan to continue, the new group will be held in Waltham.

The Donor Egg Support Group will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, September 16th, at 7 pm, in the RNE office in Waltham. This group is for parents who are currently raising (or gestating!) their children after utilizing donor egg, as well as people who hope to one day be parents via the donor egg process. It is so gratifying for RNE to be able to respond to this need in our community.

Kirsten Desorbo is endeared to and so grateful to our dedicated team of peer leaders that give so generously of their time and energy to facilitating the RNE groups. If you are interested in becoming a peer leader, please email her at We are especially eager to find a peer leader for the Burlington, VT area!