Author Kristen Magnacca shares with us a special guest blog post today, making the case for why infertility professionals should attend our forthcoming event, The Five-Star Patient Experience.

Updated April 13, 2012: This event has been postponed until further notice. If you’d like to receive updated on when it has been rescheduled, please click here.

The Five-Star Patient ExperienceAt last year’s RESOLVE New England (RNE) Annual Conference, I received some startling feedback. A nurse who worked at a local clinic approached me to say she had attended the Five-Star Patient Experience presentation that Dr. Rob Kiltz and I gave for RNE in April 2009.

During our brief conversation she said, “After your presentation we were excited to try to implement some of the many suggestions you offered but instead were greeted with ‘we don’t have time for that’ from the higher ups.” Specifically they didn’t feel the staff had time to provide patients with nice robes to wear during a procedure.

What sort of response is “We don’t have time for that”?

Were they saying they didn’t have time to make patients feel supported and nurtured during one of the most stressful times in their lives?

Don’t have time for that?

That statement reveals the root of the lack of awareness of how the fertility field has shifted from solely treating the physical symptoms of a medical condition to a service oriented industry that treats the body, mind and spirit.

I recently went for my mammogram at my local hospital, which had opened a lovely satellite facility with a beautifully appointed lobby and large changing rooms mimicking a high-end clothing store. I was then given a pink gown and a hot, folded robe with a breast cancer ribbon, which was the piece de resistance of my experience.

It took two seconds for the nurse to show me the room, hand me the gown and give me a key to a private locker for my belongings. All it took was two seconds to make me feel secure, warm and supported.

Time isn’t the issue, but the experience is. The emotional connection you make with your patients, whom Dr. Kiltz calls clients, is the most important way to attract and retain them.

So what are you doing each and everyday for your clients’ emotional health?
If you don’t know and can’t answer this question, you and your boss should definitely attend The Five-Star Patient Experience.

If you’re not attending, you can bet your market-savvy competitor will be.

About the Author

Kristen Magnacca is a noted author, coach, motivational speaker and expert on the emotional aspects of infertility and other life challenges. She is the author of the award-winning Love and Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing Infertility, Marriage, and Life. You can learn more about her work at her website,