This past Christmas I gave my nieces and nephews a gift that many people told me I was crazy to give. The told me they will hate the gift and I will go to the bottom of the list of favorite Aunt.

I gathered them around, warned them that they probably would not like the gift and then told them to open it up together. They made me proud and found a way to keep smiles on their faces as they all said, “Thank you Aunty Sue!” after they opened up the gift.

Gold Gift

So what was that gift? It was money! So why would they hate it? Included with the money was note that said they had to give the money away to a person or organization in need.

My gift to them is feeling the joy of helping others out. The feeling of warmth they will get when they see the gratitude and impact they can have on another’s life.

They might have been just being polite, but all of them felt is was truly a special gift and one that brought them so many more rewards than my typical iTunes gift card.

Everyone who is going through infertility, or has experienced it in the past has such a gift that they can pass on to others: a shoulder to cry on, wisdom and knowledge about the disease to share with others, financial support for organizations that are helping people who are struggling with infertility, or as simple as letting others know they are not alone!

Just as I challenged my nieces and nephews to feel the benefits of giving versus receiving, I challenge all of you to find a way to give back to the infertility community in some way. Do a little of research on how you might do this, and of course I would love for you to take a look at how you can help RESOLVE New England – I promise it will make a difference!

I am also convinced (from personal experience) that the rewards you will get back will be worth the effort to help others!

About the Author

Susan Cooke is the former Treasurer for the RESOLVE New England Board of Directors and Co-CEO of Circle + Bloom, a company that creates mind+body audio CDs and mp3s for fertility, PCOS, and women’s general health. They offer a free fertility relaxation mp3 available here for download.