By Erin Lasker, Executive Director

Erin Lasker

From left: Executive Director Erin Lasker and an RNE volunteer

As 2012 draws to a close, I look back at this year and am so proud of our many accomplishments as an organization. Sometimes it amazes me when I stop and consider everything RESOLVE New England has accomplished this year with such a small staff, less than 50 hours weekly between all of us! From our gorgeous new website to our new streamlined look for our quarterly newsletters, I’m proud that RNE has taken off in new directions in 2012.

Leading RESOLVE New England for a year and a half as Executive Director has allowed me to watch this organization grow in so many ways, with thanks due to our incredible staff, Board members, members, sponsors and volunteers. This journey takes big hearts and lots of hard work from all these contributors to do what we do and do it well.

Perhaps one of the things I’m most proud of this year was the defeat of House Bill 217 (HB 217) in New Hampshire. Thanks to an aggressive, empowered response from our volunteer base in New Hampshire, RNE championed for the New Hampshire infertility community’s access to IVF treatments. We couldn’t have done it without our many members and volunteers making phone calls and writing letters and emails. The defeat of HB 217 was a victory for family building in New England!

It is remarkable to be at the helm of such a long-standing organization, after having been a member and volunteer myself before coming on board as Executive Director. I attended a peer group for over two years and personally attended our Annual Conferences twice as a household member. The support and education I received at these events have been invaluable to my own family building journey. Through both the peer groups and the conference, I made connections with people with whom I am still in touch today; they have become lifelong connections thanks to RNE.

I believe in RNE because RNE was there for me when I needed them the most. RNE was my lifeline during a very difficult time and I wanted to give back. I never thought what started as a volunteer position in our Waltham, MA office would become my career just a few years later. And for all those moments of doubt along our family building journey, sometimes I still can’t believe my son will turn a year old this January. RNE has been there for me every step of the way, even as I came on board to lead the organization in the midst of our adoption process.

I believe in RNE because I know that my first full year as Executive Director has been one filled with many accomplishments, new initiatives and projects, and much success. I believe in RNE because I know 2013 – and all the years to come – will only get better.

If you believe in RNE like I do, help support our work by making a contribution today. Help RNE continue to bring you the support, education and advocacy you need on your path to parenthood – just like RNE did for me.

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