By Donna Daley

As I sat wondering how to address the things that are important when dealing with infertility, a light bulb went off. For all the years that I dealt with my own fertility issues and for the years that I have counseled hundreds of Intended Parents who desired only one thing and that was to have a family – I realized what is important in all of this that we are taking on is educating yourself.

You may have been given a diagnosis from your RE, and he or she has given you the news that using an egg donor would be the only way other than adoption to start or add to your family. How do you wrap your head and heart around this news? Let me help by giving you some really helpful insights.

Register today for the RESOLVE New England Paths to Parenthood Conference 2012

Take advantage of all the information, research, reading, and resources that surround you. Educate yourself and utilize all of the information to guide you in the right direction for your path to parenthood. You can gather all of this at one place this November. The 2012 Annual Paths to Parenthood Conference take places on Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 8am – 5pm in Marlborough, MA.

I have attended this conference for several years and am always amazed at what new information I come home with. The doctors, mental health professionals and attorneys that present at and attend the RNE Annual Conference are all top in their fields. They all discuss different aspects of the egg donation process that pertain to their field of expertise.

You can meet embryologists from different clinics who are so full of compassion for the work they do: it’s awe-inspiring. There are panels of Intended Parents who are there to share with you their journey, so you hear what their experiences were and ask questions from them on the spot. You chose what mini-workshops you want to attend – and there are many! Remember to bring a notebook so you can take notes. Get business cards if they can be had and follow up with those that you need to.

The RESOLVE New England Annual Paths to Parenthood Conference is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and gather much needed info from the professionals to help put this egg donation process into perspective. No one is going rush you, so take your time and ask away. Interaction is a wonderful thing at a conference like this. You listen and learn: you ask questions, feel hope and find support. Sit at breakfast and lunch with couples or individuals and see what they have to say; consider opening up and sharing with other attendees where you are in your path to parenthood process.

There is even more to this wonderful conference. There are exhibitors as including sperm banks, egg donor agencies, adoption agencies, reproductive attorneys, pharmacies and of course, clinics specializing in assisted reproductive technology.

I do hope that you all find this information helpful. I know the journey can be a long and sometimes overwhelming , but please know that there are many people to help and support you through it all. Just please remember: the more information and education you gather, the more prepared you will be in your decision-making process on your path to parenthood.

My very best wishes for success to each of you!

About the Author

Donna Daley is the Senior Case Manager for Prospective Families/The Donor Source. Donna works with intended parents, donors and clinics in managing all aspects of our cycles. She joined Prospective Families from one of the nation’s top clinics, Reproductive Science Center, in Lexington, Massachusetts, where as coordinator of the Donor Egg and Gestational Carrier program, she was a driver of policies and practices that continue to influence the success at that clinic. She has worked tirelessly with hundreds of couples relying on collaborative reproduction to build their families, and is regarded by patients and donors alike as knowledgeable, compassionate and committed to successful family building.