Amy Demma shares her reflections on serving as RESOLVE New England Board President.

Seeds of Hope for RESOLVE New England

Summer is just about halfway over and I am more than halfway through my tenure as President of the Board of Directors at RESOLVE New England.

We have accomplished much in 2012, from the most simple to the most disciplined efforts to further our brand as “RNE” – seems we’ve been successful: a board member of a well-established flourishing fellow non-profit recently complimented me on the work we are doing in New England and then added, “By the way, what does RNE stand for?” Hooray!! I personally have worked very hard to further that RNE brand recognition! Our goal with encouraging recognition of the acronym was to communicate to our community that this decades-old organization, while committed to that which has always been our core mission, is very new in its approach: we are current, we are innovative, we are reinvented and we are very now.

Of all the accomplishments and “newness” about which I would love to share, that which we are most proud is how much our board family has grown, literally. When we began this business year, we had board members who still were hoping for a baby (yes, that’s how in-touch RNE is with our community), at the seventh month mark of 2012, we are thrilled to share and to celebrate that every single member of our board is now celebrating the joy and the blessings of family building! Yes, that is how in-touch we are with our community.

Could we reflect the needs of the New England infertility community any stronger than by expressing that, personally, the RNE board has been right in there with you? And we are carrying that passion right into our Annual Conference planning. The 2012 Pathways to Parenthood Conference will still offer all that we have in the past but with a couple of new twists that has us more excited than ever before. From new speakers and new exhibitors to a new program by which we’ll recognize and applaud contributions from our colleagues in the New England community, a program I personally encouraged and about which I am, personally, very proud and very excited.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, please find us and if you are a professional, please follow us on LinkedIn. I have very much enjoyed contributing to our social media dialogue and RNE invites all of you to do the very same. Your Facebook comments and shares, your tweets and LinkedIn messages are not only welcomed but are encouraged.

We are celebrating at the RNE office – we celebrate 2012 and all it has brought to the organization, to the families of our board members and to our community: please join in our celebration by helping us plant the Seeds of Hope this summer!

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About the Author

Amy Demma was appointed President to the Board of Directors at RESOLVE New England in January 2012. Amy is the founder of Law Offices of Amy Demma, a law practice providing services in reproductive law and assisted family formation, offering counsel to parents, egg donors, embryo donors, clinical practitioners and agencies. Amy writes a blog entitled Egg Donation Today and guest blogs at numerous fertility-related sites. Most importantly, Amy and her husband are the proud and blessed parents of teenage twins conceived through IVF.