“I’ll never forget the RNE Annual Conference we went to a couple of years ago. What a great experience and so helpful! I met my fertility doctor there… There just are no words to describe how grateful I am to RNE.” – Annual Conference attendee

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When we receive positive feedback like this, all of us at RESOLVE New England are filled with hope, pride, and determination! We hope that your family building journey is on the way to or has found resolution. We’re proud that we have done everything possible to fulfill our mission of providing compassionate, informed help to those struggling with infertility, and we’re determined to continue the vital work of assisting you—and the next person—who learns that he or she (or they) are facing infertility.

“I want to be an advocate for each of your members, as they impressed me with their courage, resilience and strength, yet saddened me with the insensitivity directed at them so frequently. Know that your efforts to educate others is meaningful. Thank you for welcoming outsiders who want to support others, and educating us in how to do so.” – Annual Conference volunteer

2012 has been an incredible year, from our rebranding launch to our many educational events throughout the year. We have added information-rich social media resources and continue to bring you more resources to our website. We have achieved an incredible legal victory in New Hampshire with the defeat of a bill that would have negatively impacted patient access to IVF treatments. Without your continued support, these achievements would not have been possible. You can review all of our wonderful accomplishments in 2012 here.

“This organization is a big believer in the importance of peer-to-peer support – especially the kind you receive in person. Who else but a peer can truly know, and share, the pains and struggles of your experience?” – Peer Group Leader

We believe in RNE because RESOLVE New England has been there for each of us. Not just as a place for us to connect with many of our professional colleagues in the field – but personally, on our own family-building journeys. Since 1974, RNE has provided many of us – as it has for many of you – the support, education and advocacy we needed as we built our own families. And now, as Board members, we give back because we know the infertility community of New England needs a voice: someone to support them, fight for them, and educate them on their own paths to parenthood. As Board Members, we are honored to help serve in that role to this community.

For 2013, our Board and Staff have big plans to continue to expand our outreach to the New England infertility community. That’s why we need your help now! There are so many ways to give.

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  • Volunteer and get involved with helping others through infertility. Learn about our volunteer opportunities here or contact our office at admin@resolvenewengland.org or call us 781-890-2250.
  • Employee Gift Matching: Check with your employer’s Human Resource Department to see if a matching gift program is offered. Many employers will double your charitable contributions.

We want to be there for everyone who turns to us for help – and hope. In turn, we rely on your generous contributions of both funds and time. Your assistance will make a real difference!

If you believe in RNE like we do, give a gift that matters today this holiday season and help us meet our year-end goals.

With warmest regards and holiday wishes,
The RESOLVE New England Board of Directors

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